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Back & Abdomen Support Pain Relief Belt

Back & Abdomen Support Pain Relief Belt

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Are You Suffering From Bad Posture And Back Pain Associated With Poor Posture?

  • Our Unimaker Posture Corrector Belt provides posture improvement by training your spine to return to its natural alignment.
  • 80% of Indians will experience back pain and bad posture. Poor sleep, mood, energy and difficulty concentrating are only some of the ways bad posture affects us.
  • Easily correct your posture with our Posture Corrector Pro. It's an ultra comfortable back brace designed to help you sit and stand straighter in the most discrete way possible. It can be worn easily under your clothing for fast and hidden posture correction.                                            
  • Suitable For Humped Back, and Slouching Back which can sometimes lead to Lower Back Pain, Upper Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Neck Pain, Cervical Pain, Muscle Aches, and Clavicle Pain. 

How Does It Works?

  • When you put on our posture corrector and have your shoulders straight, it will feel natural and comfortable. But as soon as you start to slouch, the back corrector pulls on you in a way that mentally cues you to straighten back up.
  • After consistent usage of corrector back brace, good muscle memory will build to align your body and muscles the correct way for a straightened back and posture

How Much Better Would You Look With Good Posture?

Improving your posture can (for Men):

+ Make you look taller (by up to 2 inches!)
+ Make your chest look bigger and more defined
+ Immediately shrink your beer belly
+ Most importantly, will make you look and feel more confident and bold

PostureNOW brace before and after


Improving your posture can (for women):

+ Make you look thinner
+ Make your bust look bigger
+ Make your booty look firmer
+ Make you look and feel more assertive and self-assured


  • Provides gentle back support 
  • Pulls shoulder back to correct posture
  • Correct spine alignment
  • Relieve headache pain
  • Improve your physical appearance
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Uni-sex design for men and women
  • Lightweight adjustable design
  • Breathable Neoprene mesh material
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Fits discreetly under clothing

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